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Every year hundreds of thousands of people in countries with limited resources contract HIV. The matrix of causes includes poverty, stigma, discrimination, lack of awareness, inadequate linkage to medical care, and lack of HIV prevention programs. This situation is dramatic for these individuals and these countries.​

Coordinated efforts between HIV national programs, civil society, and development partners have laid the groundwork for tremendous progress in HIV care. The development of effective treatments allows people living with HIV to lead long and healthy lives. WHO and UNAIDS strive to increase the number of people living with HIV to be on treatment and decrease the number of new HIV infections. These goals put us on the right track, but there are still challenges expanding HIV prevention efforts, in particular of vulnerable populations.

Through this hackathon Gilead hopes to contribute to achievement of 95-95-95 Goal in South and Southeast Asia, Africa, Central America and Caribbean:


of all people living with HIV knowing their HIV status


of all people with diagnosed HIV infection receiving sustained antiretroviral therapy


of all people receiving antiretroviral therapy having viral suppression


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